Day 71 (Toto)…

My entry into Oz was only slightly different from the one with which most of you are familiar. Rather than being in the house that crash-landed in Munchkinland, I had the house crash-land on top of me.  Toto came barking and the Band answered the call.  While clearing the wreckage, Dosch wondered if this was a good idea. Toto kept barking, Guru reminded me of my ruby footwear, and the moniker of Dorothy was quickly affixed. Like the original Dorothy’s band, the band I travel with is full of wisdom, heart, and courage.  They lend theirs to me when I can’t find my own and are teaching me how to lend to and build into others in the process.   I am Dorothy (he/him/his). 

I am Dorothy… and so are you.  We are all the protagonist in our own adventure. Joseph Campbell called it the Hero’s Journey; at BTL we call it our Builder’s Journey.  Sometimes we leave the shire of our own accord, other times we are called away, and other times still one of life’s tornadoes sweeps us up and wrenches us away­–yet journey away all heroes must.  We are awakened and challenged by forces we hadn’t known existed, or that we had tried to ignore, now realizing that our destiny requires us to face the obstacle and find a way. If successful, we will return, transformed, a better version of ourselves, a version that benefits our families, teams, and communities as well.

Frodo leaves the Shire, is transformed, and saves Middle Earth.  Luke leaves home, becomes a Jedi Knight, and saves the Republic.  Wesley leaves the farm, is transformed into the Dread Pirate Roberts, and saves Buttercup.  We know the story’s endings, and yet we watch them over and over again.  They remind us that we yearn to become and belong.  These stories speak to the spirit within us that seeks to be re-kindled so that we can be who we were really meant to be.

At BTL we exist for the Builder’s Journey–your Builder’s Journey–because no hero is transformed on their journey alone. Every protagonist has their trusted friend, loyal companion, and truth teller. Frodo had Sam, Dorothy had Toto, Luke had R2D2… the true friend who held them up, irritated them, had their back, and pushed them forward, all to further them along their path.  So, as you watch your favorite adventures, old and new, and notice the dissonance that is the whisper of your soul reminding you that there is a journey you must take; remember we are here, ready to help you build your CORE, discover your OPUS, and travel down the yellow brick road toward your dream state. Because together we transform… always together.

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