Talk like peers…

There is so much we can learn from the ancient Spartans. Their women were insanely strong and ccd. The men were all about we over me. And, as a team, they were peers. Yes, they had a King but he was considered one of them, not one above them. So what’s the point of this ccd rant? 

Truth is mostly spoken when we talk like peers. Truth sets us free.

So, leader, you could benefit from being a bit more like the Spartan King Leonidas way back in the day. Be one of the 300. Be one with your frontline, back office, or athletes. Be one with them. Be one of them. The BTL band does not answer to me, at least not in my mind or in the way I structured the system. We are all builders. We are peers. We play together when and where it makes sense. We go it alone when it’s the best way to serve our client. We are all one and we are not the same. We are distinct and deeply connected, becoming BTL. 

We build teams of peers. We humbly and purposely start with the head of the system. She is the Queen. She goes first. She never stops the work within or the work with others. She models what she wants others to do. She is the master of her craft, not the master of others. Big diff. As she becomes CORE centered and self controlling she begins the metamorphosis within and with others. She sees herself as a peer. Slowly the team does too. Slowly. Fact. Eventually the level of dialogue deepens while at the same time becomes more ccd. Truth takes few words, you see. You and your teams perform at your peak when you talk truth – when you are peers, locked arms, and at the same time free to be. 

Conflict is mostly a conversation to be had. Honestly it’s that simple. Simple, just not easy. Truth sets us free. Truth in love, that is. Are you building a team of peers or a team filled with fears? What do you believe about being one with vs. One up? Does your team talk to you as a peer or PIP (Person IN power)? Slow down. Reflect. Talk. Talk with, not to, down, or up. Talk with. Be good. Do good. Be with, leader. Your team wants to talk like peers. You?

Live hard. Love harder…

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