The spirit moves…

Miss and I just enjoyed dinner alone. She made an amazing dinner of turkey, tomato sauce, and pasta. We sat and shared our thoughts. I told her how much I love working with my favorite women’s soccer team and their illustrious leader. It. Makes. No. Cents. It makes perfect sense to me.

I told Miss about the freakin’ magic that happened today in practice 22. These women are amazing. Seeing their love for each other and for their sport makes me feel like a man half my age. Yep, it’s that good. Today, their leader put a bow on practice by talking about changing their self talk. She shared some truth from her childhood and it felt like we were in Church again. You see, life is not about what you get. I mean come on man, haven’t you ever been around someone who is dying? Staring down death brings clarity to what matters, doesn’t it? When we’re nearing the end we don’t care how much we’ve got, we simply want to give just a bit more. We are designed to be givers, not takers. Remember this. Live like this. You are at your best when you give more than you take. You are blessed when you give more. Fact.

Today, I know I gave a team my best. They gave me more. Much more. In fact, it wasn’t even close. Tonight, as I told Miss these stories, she cried tears of joy as she related to so much I shared. We cried and it was good. So, friend, remember that you are wired for meaning much more than money. When you try and decide where to invest your time, don’t forget to weigh the intrinsic reward higher than the extrinsic. You are naturally wired for the latter but the former is where all the good stuff arrives. Tonight I’m writing to you because the spirit moved me. No amount of money moves me. You see, the spirit moves with meaning – money, not so much.

What is moving you, friend? Slow down and reflect. Maybe you need to invest your limited time more wisely. Good.

Live hard. Love harder (makes perfect sense to me)…

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