The gift…

Today we did a reload. Practice 75 was supposed to have occurred back at the end of March. Heart attack got in the way. So, today, we did a redo. We got to do a redo. Grateful. Today, we practiced with OSU Head Coaches. Today we practiced with a few and it felt sacred. Today was another opportunity to live aligned. So. We. Did. Today, Miss and I took Penny to her park. It was good. Today, Reda and I practiced. I met Smitty and he’s going to be a good one. Today, I talked to Lori and we scheduled another practice with her team of beauties beyond belief. Today, Grappy and I connected again. Today, Miss and I made memories. Mark too. Today, was a gift. Today was another moment where I was given the gift to take it in and have the courage to change. Today was beautiful. Tomorrow?

Don’t know. All I got is the gift of taking it in and allowing myself to see it for what it is. I mean, come on man, it’s all we got, right. It’s called the present for a reason.

It’s the gift…

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