Day 103: Adjust your mirrors…

My intention in practice today, with a group that is in the soup, was to simply connect. It never ceases to amaze me what happens when we slow down, have no to-do list, and just talk. Walls come down, the pulse slows, muscles relax and the energy follows. Today, it led us to the good sh!t.

The mirrors were finally adjusted to just the right angle by a man who’s learning to use his voice to agitate in all the right ways. He struck a chord that brought us all together. Freakin’ magic. We began to see, with crystal clarity, the mistakes we’ve made year over year over year. I’ve not seen this group ever be this aligned on stopping their madness.

Now that they’ve looked in the mirrors and seen the truth, I asked them to write looking forward and dream about what can be, what will be. Next practice we will share our thoughts and create a shared vision rooted in purpose and passion. There’s not much that can stop a group of distinctly strong individuals who are deeply connected and share a vision.

Go and simply connect with a few, my friends. You can do more than you think…

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