Trust it…

Today, during an early am practice with a strong leader, I told my client to trust his heart. He’s built a strong one (CORE, really) and he needs to trust it. Easier said then done in MOT (moments of truth). So, as I saw him grappling with this concept, I decided a story might paint a clearer picture.

I told him about a recent conversation with my cardiologist after a tentative ride on the Peloton. I told Doc Stentmaster my legs felt heavy and lungs felt tight. I was scared to ride anywhere near threshold. Doc Stentmaster replied very ccd. “Chet, your heart has no memory of the attack. Trust it.” Hearing those words seared my sorriness. My heart has no memory. I do. Translation. I’m lost in my own head. The heart is strong; the mind, not so much. So, my next ride I had Doc’s words written on my heart and rode like I believed. The legs and lungs felt good. Rode like the wind. The heart just kept beating along as if it had done this a million times before, because it has. I trusted it…

My client has built a strong heart (CORE). He is no longer an angry leader filled with more fear than love. He is BBTL (Becoming BTL) and filled with truth in Love – one L of a difference. The hard part is trusting it when, you know, it’s game time. He is beginning to believe. Me too.

Live hard. Love harder…

1 thought on “Trust it…

  1. Great words Chet. I have to daily remind myself that words mean things and the words that I use regarding myself at times are words that can destroy. I am building my CORE and in so doing, I know that the words that is use regarding who I am can either come from my creator or my enemy. My creator knows that I am a masterpiece which the world needs. The enemy knows the same thing and he desires that I do not allow the masterpiece I was created to become to make an impact into this world.

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