Day 107: Triple-A…

We often ask the leaders we work with to major in the minors. Embrace the mundane work that comes with mastering your self, first and most. A fair amount of people probably don’t hire us because they might find this work unimportant. And others stop doing this work because they think they got it. I really don’t understand this because almost all of us had to learn some skills to do the work of our choosing.

Maybe when we were younger, it was easier to embrace the learning curve. Or, if we were lucky, we simply loved what we were doing and learned along they way. But at some point we were hired because our skill had reached a certain level and it felt good, like we’ve arrived. It’s this point when some people rest on their laurels and do what they were hired to do, while others continue to practice. This disciple is what masters do.

So, if leaders are supposed to be modeling the way and bringing others along, why don’t we see more of them continuing to practice the finer skills of communication, productive conflict, engaging others, building teams, sharing truth? Maybe you should try something new and major in the minors to see if it doesn’t make all the difference in your world. Remember, you can do more than you think…

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