Day 117: The gold standard…

Today was one of those good, long days.  It started at 8:30am with a BTL team practice and ended with my daughter’s high school band concert just after 9pm.  Not a minute wasted in between.  I’m tired, the good kind.  I don’t have much energy left, so I’ll just share a few Passions from my CORE that I experienced today and encourage you to keep track of yours and do them more than you think. I love…

  • Deeply connecting with others.
  • Making sense and order of chaos by finding the melody line, the subtle beat just below the surface.
  • To play / challenge my mind and body, i.e. figuring out how to solve a problem, puzzle or skill.
  • Learning about myself – what things I was born with, what were developed in me (positively and negatively) and working on how to combine the two to live out my OPUS.
  • Good people. Those that are kind, thoughtful and who care about others just a little more than most.
  • Integrity and honesty. These are two of the most important traits a friend of mine can have.
  • The beauty in the everyday.
  • Those who literally and figuratively dance from the heart.
  • To be with others who are distinctly strong but deeply connected with me and have the courage to be the same.
  • Imagination, inspiration, innovation.
  • My wife because she challenges me.
  • My kids because they inspire and believe in me.
  • The diversity of my children.
  • Helping others awaken and become more “fully alive”.
  • Working outside, especially cutting grass that results in bold lines.
  • Studying what really motivates someone to change their life for the better.
  • Trees.
  • Marching bands and orchestras.
  • Crossword puzzles.
  • The way Chet writes and tells stories.

That’s a lot of ‘love to’s…’ for one day… I am blessed. Love is the great elixir to living a fulfilling life. So live hard and love harder…

4 thoughts on “Day 117: The gold standard…

  1. I read this tired as well. Little league practice 1 with fourteen 7 year olds both drained the tank and filled the cup.

    If you love trees, as I do, check out “The Overstory”. You’ll find even more life woven into a tale of trees…

  2. I’ve been reading your blog posts and this one really resonated with me. So many things to celebrate even on our busiest days!!

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