Day 118: Domain specific…

Chet ended today’s day in the book with this question, “Are you humble enough to ask for help?” Don’t move past this one too fast, sit with it for a minute and hear me out. More times than not, I think people don’t even know they need help. Initially, at least, it might not be a humility issue at all.

I didn’t know I needed help back in the day when I was struggling the most. I thought I was doing fine in lieu of the fact that life was just hard, parenting was hard, marriage was hard, etc. Boy did I need help. Humility was not the reason I wasn’t asking for help, nope. Ignorance, and a jacked up belief that you just need to accept the crappy cards you’re dealt, was my major flaw.

So, try this… find a good friend, close confidant, or anyone who knows you fairly well AND will tell you the truth. Ask them to tell you where you need to ask for help. The humility comes when you don’t defend your actions. Humility comes when you don’t deny that you need help. Humility comes when you don’t attack someone for telling you the truth. Humility comes when you ask them to tell you more. Humility comes when you let it in.

Let this in, my humble friends, let this in…

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