This past weekend, Miss and I drove our little grand pup back to Kansas. It was bittersweet. You see, Penny is a wonderful seven year old pup. She slept on my head for three weeks sending healing love to my heart. So, saying goodbye was not easy. The sweet part was being with Krit and Josh. We laughed, walked, and talked. We went to fantastic dinners and had the most amazing dinner put together by Josh and Miss. We really enjoyed the gift of being with.

Our daughter took the best of both Miss and me, you see. She has a heart filled with love and an inner beauty to match her outer. She. Is. My. Best. Girl. Would not trade her. She is six hundred seventy two miles away but resides in the most inner part of my heart. She is always with me. Always will be. Sitting beside her, sipping on a little all day Rose, and laughing about how lucky we are, is a searing memory from this weekend. So, remember this friend. You cannot measure what matters most. Your heart just knows what fills. Give it more filling. Make time for letting love fill you and those you love, you know.

Create margin. Invest it wisely. Another client? Nope. Another acquaintance? No need. Another distraction? No thanks. Another kairos moment with Krit? Yes, please. Sign me the hell up. She’s my one and only baby girl, you know.

Live hard. Love harder…

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