Day 125: Rituals…

“Habit cannot convey heart.” I have a habit of brushing my teeth before bed every night. Important, but there’s no deeper meaning behind the habit. No heart, simply clean teeth. I’ve got a ritual after my last client practice of the day of taking a walk without my phone. This one carries deep meaning for me.

What’s the difference? The intention I bring. I established the ritual as a way to transition out of builder mode and into “be with” mode. You see, I was having a hard time turning off my builder brain and my fiancee didn’t much like being treated like a client. Fair. So my walk is my way to switch into a slowed down pace and simply enjoy my time with her for the rest of the day. Game. Changer.

What moments and habits have deeper meaning for you? If there aren’t any yet, which ones do you want to give meaning to? Why? Go write and get clarity. Wake up to those moments – grab hold of what you find meaningful and deeply experience it. Life isn’t found in the habits, it’s lived in the rituals, in the meaning.

1 thought on “Day 125: Rituals…

  1. We discussed this exact thing with my mens group Monday night. The topic was Sabbath, and finding one’s “sabbath time”. We talked of church, and walks and camping and the wilderness and music. Where the conversation went was discipline, priorities and intentionality. What a great conversation that led to each of us holding ourselves and each other more accountable. Shifting from habits to rituals, indeed. Your writing has been incredible this month. Thank you.

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