Day 126: Einkorn wheat…

Mastery of the basics matters in every domain. I coached D1 college athletics and every summer we’d run camps for young softball players. They’d come in droves wanting to be just like the star players they’d watched on ESPN. Inevitably they wanted to learn the “super-advanced” or “secret” drills that the elite used. They were usually surprised to find out that the secret sauce wasn’t so secret. Basic drills, that was the key. We did them every single day with an uncommon level of focus and effort. Back to the basics and aiming for mastery.

This is the way in every single domain, including your health. Stop looking for the secret sauce. It doesn’t exist. Slow down and master the basics. Get more and better sleep. Consume better and cleaner foods. Hydrate. Move your body, regularly.

Most fix the symptom. They look for the secret sauce – pop a pill, drink a diet shake, buy the latest fitness tool. At best that works as a short term band aid. Slowing down like Carla Bartolucci did, tuning in to the reactions of her sick daughter and finding a better wheat? That’s mastery of the basics. Slow down, pick one area of health to improve, decide how you want to master it and then take a baby step. Focusing on the basics and make small consistent iterations along the way – that’s the path to mastery.

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