Few will…

Every single day in the BBTL book is one page in length. Was told to make it so by my publisher. Nobody has time for more than a two minute read in a 365 day book. Check. Not really. I cheated. I made one day, today, three instead of one. Why?

Krit, that’s why.

You see, today is my favorite day in the book because it captures the essence of my life. I invited the entire extended family to join us for an epic climb in the Rockies. Everybody talked a good game the night before. Nobody showed, however, the morning of. Nobody but Krit. So, we climbed and celebrated doing a hard thing. I’ll never forget.

Do not get bummed about the multitudes that don’t join you in your journey. No point. Celebrate your few, especially your one or two. Miss and Krit are my two best girls. Fact. I hope you reread day 128. Few will. I will. Good.

Live hard. Love harder…

9 thoughts on “Few will…

  1. X 1
    You and Krit.
    Learn to do hard things. Never stop.
    Happy Mother’s Day to Miss and all the wonderful mothers out there…mothers are God’s direct gift to mankind. Think about it…

  2. It’s one of my favorites, Chet. And yes, I re-read it again. It seared me the first time I read your entry when you first posted it a while back. I’m reminded and challenged by it again today. Keep pressing ahead. Together. Happy Mother’s Day to Miss and to all the amazing Mom’s who make the hard climb, day in, day out. With Love. Always with Love.

  3. X 2
    Ah. You shared a ‘buffalo hunt’…a special moment and time that will never pass this way again.
    If you have gotten where you are easily; you haven’t gotten anywhere.
    The Mountain

  4. Thanks Chet for the reminder. As I am in the process of trying to create my own vision, I cannot let myself get defeated and keep the main thing the main thing. I know my main thing, just keep doing it.

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