I’m mixing it up today. Instead of the usual blog post, I’m sharing my perspective on Chet’s post from this morning. I want you, leader, to understand the power of your words.

Chet gave me the gift of belief yesterday. Belief from a leader can be a total game changer. What I realized during our practice is that I’ve been in learner mode, especially when shadowing Chet. Watching from the dugout, if you will. The reality is, it’s high time I switch to “play the game” mode. Just like in softball, we learn WAY more by doing than by observing. I’m in the game, make the plays. And if I overrun the ball or take the wrong angle, learn from it. Actions always provides more feedback than inaction.

The only thing slowing me down right now is my own hesitation. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not down on self. I’ve got plenty to learn AND I’m damn good at what I do. I know this. But I’ve got a whole other gear or several that I can access – and I see that now.

What flipped the switch? Chet’s belief. He’s right, the belief that will truly inspire me is my own. Same for those you lead. AND sometimes all it takes to propel your high performer or up and comer into the stratosphere is lending a little bit of your belief. Never bullshit – high performers know the difference. When you have genuine belief in them, share it. It’s wind in the sails.

Take some time to figure out who’s on the path to mastery, who’s putting in the work, who’s leveling up and wanting more. Seek them out and share your belief. Game. Changer.

Thanks for the belief, Chet.


2 thoughts on “Belief

  1. Wow! This is ONE Core Centered Coach ready to take the lead! There is always another level of excellence & mastery when we continue believing and building our Core!
    Thanks Coach!

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