Yesterday, I renamed another. Her given name is Rachel. She’s been Lockjaw for far too long. She is now Centerfield, at least to me. You see, I believe in her more than she does. She thinks she’s in the dugout. In reality, she’s our star centerfielder. I want her to break on the ball at the crack of the bat. No hesitation. Out with it. She’s that good.

Do not suffer fools easily, leader. Do not hand out compliments like candy. Do recognize effort. Reward excellence when you see it. Do make your best believe they can do even more.

Rachel is excellence in the making. She has greatness written all down her sleeve. She has to believe, however, for this to translate to her reality. It will. Someday, soon I’m hoping, I’ll have to rein her in the way I’ve had to rein in other high performers. I want her to believe more than me. She’s that good…

Your job, leader, is to get your best to believe more than you do. Focus here. Challenge your best with your best. Figure out how to get them to do what they can. Stop wasting energy attempting to turn your bottom feeders ‘round. Invest your juice with those who have excellent habits, exceptional skills, and an attitude that says they want more. Centerfield is starting to make plays. Centerfield is going to make many, many more. Who are your eyes on, leader?

Live hard. Love harder…

2 thoughts on “Centerfield…

  1. It was John Fogerty who said in his hit song “Centerfield”, put me in coach, I’m ready to play.

    We really need in this day and age those who are ready to play to fill that leadership void that exists right now in this country. We are a country starving for true leadership and I trust your opinion that Rachel is one of those leaders.

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