Day 144: Phed…

“Today, choose suffering.”

Who in their right mind would embrace a mantra like that? Suffering, by definition, is not fun and does not feel good. And yet a few crazies always choose it. Here’s why I do. I know that if I want moments of victory (like Phed), or life’s deepest joys, it comes with suffering. No way around it in this life.

Life comes with pain. Chronic or acute is the choice we all have. Chronic doesn’t feel as bad in the moment but it’s debilitating over time. Acute sucks in the moment and it’s freeing over time. Embrace the suck.

You’ll get some suffering either way. The real question in my mind is what pay off do you want? Do you want the momentary pleasures, like laying on the couch? Or the long term joys, like a fit body that’s primed for adventure? One is a short lived dopamine hit. One is the stuff dream states are made of.

Embrace the suck, choose the dream state.

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