Day 145: Leadership starts…

“Leadership starts when you begin to believe you are on the hook to lead you, at a minimum.”

This morning I was with a high performing team on their way to a whole new level. Why? Because their leader has a strong belief in facilitating the growth of other leaders.

In practice this morning, they wanted answers. Particularly from him. How do we handle X type of employee? What do we do when X happens? Instead of taking on the burden of having the answers, he gave them a gift. He put them on the hook to lead not only themselves, but also their teams into higher levels of performance. The key was, he didn’t tell them how to do it his way. He asked them to figure out THEIR way. His OPUS is clear and got even more clarity this morning after some good challenging. The leadership team is just starting on theirs and getting more clarity every practice.

So how do you, leader, get everyone in the organization to level up? By getting your leaders to level up. The few. Get them to level up in alignment with their CORE and OPUS and watch them do the same for their teams.

Write more. Learn more. Do more. Stop asking for answers, stop giving answers. Start figuring them out and living them out and go challenge others to do the same. You don’t need permission to be elite.

1 thought on “Day 145: Leadership starts…

  1. I really like:
    Hell yes!
    Let’s go
    Great writing this month Rachel!
    Appreciate your good work

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