Day 146: Checking my chatter…

The stronger my core, the better I am at checking the chatter in my brain. As I read day 146 in the book, I kept seeing clear reflections of Chet’s worldview. These are my words, not his CORE statements – here’s a few I saw: that acute pain is a gift, we can choose our reactions, we can choose optimism.

I handle hard things much better than I used to, and it’s because my CORE is much stronger, my worldview is clearer. I have clarity on what I believe about hard times, setbacks, the chatter in my head. I have an anchor. So rather than drifting around when my brain starts to chatter, I go right to my anchor. I compare my feelings and my thoughts to my CORE. The first two can be misleading in the moment and reactionary. My CORE is something my calmest and best self has wrestled with and decided, so it’s the guide and the anchor. I trust it and it allows me to trust myself even more.

Get your CORE out and rinse part of it. I’ve been keeping mine next to my reading chair so I engage with it every day. Why create it and never look at it? Rinse and put it somewhere you’ll engage with it.

1 thought on “Day 146: Checking my chatter…

  1. “Why create it and never look at!”
    That sentence hit me right in the gut and I hope the same for every reader! This is what transformation is all about, diligent day to day preparation, reading, thinking, rinsing, writing and believing! You nailed it again Coach!

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