Day 147: Pain…

Sometimes the acute pain is found in simply getting started. This morning in practice with a client, we got started on his work OPUS, or WOPUS. Turns out he’d been dreading it. Worried that he wouldn’t have one, wouldn’t be able to figure it out, all kinds of concerns that had been circulating in his brain. That’s chronic pain. Simmering away on the back burner, adding a little dose of stress whenever he thought about it. Adds up over time.

So we dove in. I teed him up by asking what the dream at work would look like in two years. He got stuck. So I asked what he loved to do at work right now and had him write. It started to flow. In short order he came up with 3 areas he loved and wanted to do more of, then a bonus fourth, AND a super power he never realized he had. Good. Stuff.

When you feel the chronic pain, chronic dread – just take one step. Get started. In this case, a few minutes of writing and he’s well on his way to creating a WOPUS.

So what are you dreading? What baby first step can you take? Get started today. Kick entropy in the face, my friends.

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