No mas…

My OPUS, like yours, is a work in process. It’s mostly a static document, albeit alive and well. An authentic OPUS isn’t meant to be much of a moving target. When your aim is clear, it doesn’t move much. This is key – it doesn’t move much, but it does move. Remember, the BTL leader finds the melody line and then a thousand nuances and then a thousand more. So, as I’ve recently reflected on my OPUS, it’s struck me the last sentence of my overarching vision (Inspire the next generation to build it even better), is not an afterthought – it’s here and now. So, I’ve asked myself, how do I create more margin to live this out. It. Is. Time…

So, I’ve made a decidre. I’m cutting off my options, burning the boats, you know. As of today, I’m done taking new clients. No mas. Fini. No more. If you’re a client of mine, good. We are good to go until you decide it’s time to stop. When you stop, margin comes. I feel freer already. No more chasing the next Bk or Durp. No more chasing another high from a newbie catching fire. No more. I know the framework works. I’ve mastered the craft and done it my way. I’ve got nothing more to prove. So why stop?


I’m building 22 leaders one on one and facilitating 13 team practices. That is a ton of good work. Building into Rachel changed my mind. You see, Rachel is a young BTL builder I believe in. She begged me to take her on as a client. After much thought and trepidation, I did. She gives me more energy than even Bk, Durp, or Krazykyle. Hard to believe. Fact. She is one of the cornerstones of the band and she’s just a freshman. Can hardly wait to see where she takes us. So, I’m going to let clients go away (they always do eventually, except for the krazy few like Kyle). This week I turned down a client that I wanted to work with.

It was not difficult.

Felt right, ‘cause it was. It’s time for me to create the conditions for margin and let God send me the next builder in the making. So, when He does, I’ll go slow. I’ll let Gu, well, Gu the hell out of them. I’ll wait patiently as Dosch turns them into an artist. I’ll be watching and studying them. So, when the time is right, if I believe in them (we’re talking crazy, out of my mind belief), they’ll become another cornerstone of the band for as long as I’m alive. I will make them great. I know this with every fiber in my body. So, the OPUS is taking a turn, a turn for the better. I’m not done, far from it. I’m not easing my way out. Hell no. I’m full gas and feeling like I’ve picked up a turbo charge, maybe two. Clarity has come. Nothing crazy, just clarity that is current to my here and now. Good.

Life is an energy management problem and it’s yours to solve. I’m feeling more juiced than ever at 62. How ‘bout you? Remember, hard OPUS you sustain as you tire. Hard labor you disdain as you tire. Is your OPUS your map? Is your CORE your compass? Are you nuancing the hell out of it? Are you filled with more love or still fighting back that son of a bitch four letter word – Fear? Slow down and reflect. Slow down and sit with this one for awhile, friend. I mean, come on man, what’s the rush? Nobody’s ever run their way to walking the earth in peace, right?

Live hard. Love harder…

6 thoughts on “No mas…

  1. Peace is a powerful thing. I see yours and it gives me some too. Together we transform my friend, brother and builder. Thank you for modeling the way.

  2. your post helped me as I am working similarly towards the same
    I will not be here forever.
    it is good for both, teammates and me to build the team together now
    and grateful for the time together
    work is good
    Happy and grateful for you and our time

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