LA’s way…

Yesterday was the 13th running of LA’s last ride. Every Memorial Day we ride the last bike route that our brother, Larry, rode the day before he left us to ride in his eternal home. He left us way too early.

So, we ride to honor and remember him and his way. Larry was always watching the riders who were struggling. He made sure we waited for them. I used to not care if anybody got dropped. Not so now. I’ve learned from LA’s example, it just took me awhile longer. I now look back after every hard pull and make sure the team waits for anybody that’s come unhinged. The goal is to leave nobody out on the road.

Yesterday, we slowed the pace after a few hard pulls and allowed the stragglers to reconnect. It mostly worked as LA would have wanted it. There was one exception. We dropped Duncan. By the time we realized he was gone, he had found another way home. Dan did go back looking for him as the rest of us waited. He gone. So, Duncan, we are glad you joined us and sorry we dropped you. You are one of our brothers and it shouldn’t have happened. Shit does happen. Please know you were missed and know we went back to find you. Come again and let us make it up to you.

Remember, friend, Leaders are masters at repair. We all make mistakes. We all mess up. We all fall short. Leaders repair. Do you?

Duncan is the dude behind PJ’s big head. He’s the one with the white bandanna.

Live hard. Love harder…

3 thoughts on “LA’s way…

  1. Chet…A beautiful and personal chord heard here…”The goal is to leave nobody out on the road.” Jim! We looked for you! Couldn’t find you, but we looked!!!…There have been so many times in my life when what I needed more than anything else in the world was to know that “someone is looking for me”…Today, I received one of the greatest gifts I have ever received…two brothers, two warriors who had spent so much of their lives within the grips of death…we…RECONNECTED…we went back, both of us, and because we were looking – we found each other, again. And just like that – life is better. Thank you ‘band’ for giving me strength to…well, you know.
    Be good. Do good. Be with.

  2. PS…LA!? I have met him. Through KA, you and all the band. His influence is all over me now. And I have never seen his face. Powerful, no? I will see him in due time…Thanks LA for the lesson of today. LEAVE.NO.ONE.BEHIND.

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