Day 153: Physical Dreams…

Last week at our BTL Band practice, we discussed the difference between group therapy and BTL Team practice.  It should be noted there is a decade worth of school and a PHD required to lead the former, but the major difference is simple – productive action.

It’s not just enough to pick some random PA.  Our job as your builder is to help you craft a PA the aligns with movement toward your vision, emanating from your core.  This is done typically through attacking some acute pain.

When it comes to physical dreams, it’s no different. You have to dream big, rinse the dream and then DO the work, mostly the acute variety. Dream and do. Dream and PAs. That’s the formula.

For my own big dream I outlined yesterday, lets follow Chester’s 7 step process to unlock it:

  1. Dream again and bigger – with our recent move to Cincy, I’ve been itching to check out Red River Gorge. Perhaps that’s the site of the 26.2 miler this fall when the leaves are changing.
  • Why do I want to do it? I am like a dog. I need physical exercise to stay sane. And I really want to spend quality time with my family and friends doing things I love. So why not combine the two into something I can love training for as much as the event itself?
  • Who I want to do this with? My family. Perhaps my friend Joe who challenged me to the 70 miler. Perhaps my father-in-law who is a monster outdoorsman at 60. Maybe my outdoor enthusiasts at BSD?! Perhaps a few others..
  • Connect the dream to others – family – done. Joe is next. The list is building..
  • Baby step – commit to our weekly Sunday hikes at the Cincinnati Nature Center as a family, with the Beckster on my back. It’s our version of Sunday church. Can’t think of anything better.
  • Set reminders – hike weekly, train daily. Stroller walks, 3P, the ton, hot yoga, even carrying my bag in golf. All fuel the training. I love all of these things. Schedule them in.
  • Enjoy the journey?! What a dream.

There’s my dream, rinsed and evolving.  You want in?? Let’s go!

Are you bored of your fitness routine? What physical dream has piqued your curiosity that you have been putting off? Why not make it fun and invite a few others you love to come along with?

Let’s rock..

1 thought on “Day 153: Physical Dreams…

  1. Love this, Jiggs.

    What also strikes about the effectiveness of BTL Team practice is the importance of MOTs (Moments of Truth). Before any PA will be truly productive and transformative, there is an “awakening” and a “challenging” of some self-limiting belief — it may have got me here, but it won’t get me there — it must go. Often this is the first battlefield for attacking some acute pain — it’s in the mind, and changing the way you think about things and the way you see things.

    Speaking of a dream becoming reality, it’s so great to see you attacking the seven hills of my hometown and bringing BTL to the Queen City.

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