Why we climb…

I’ve had a number of folks reach out to me (as they’re in the Healthy/Physical Life Essential in the BBTL book) and ask me why I workout so hard. It’s quite simple, you see…

I don’t climb mountains to see the sights. I mean, I love the sights of the streams rushing down the lush countryside that is the French Alps. Love the views of the cows, goats, and other animals roaming freely across the narrow mountain passes on their way to greener pastures. Love this. Love it all. It’s not why I climb, at least not the root why…

I climb to see myself, my family, and my friends differently.

You see, when we first started this love affair with climbing mountains we were in our early 40’s. Young, it seemed, and still filled with piss and vinegar. We rode to compete and see who was strongest and who could last the longest. As I approached my 50th, LA and I decided we needed a big, physical dream to pursue together. The French Alps it was. LA would leave us weeks before realizing this one together. So, we went and hung his number (83) at the top of Alpe d’ Huez. Hardest climb I’d ever done. LA’s spirit pushed me up. He helped me even though I couldn’t see him. I saw Littlest Fricker, Downer, and Peteboy in a whole new light after climbing mountains together for nine glorious days. They were not competitors. They were comrades. We transformed together through the camaraderie of suffering. We would do it again in 2014 for my 55th. This time it would be Littlest, Downer, Blondie, and Durp climbing. I would never see them the same either. In 2019 my friends Downer, Littlest, Blondie, and DG would join my son, Andrew, and my Miss. Freakin’ magic to transform with friends and family. This is why we climb.

We climb to see ourselves differently, to realize we can learn to do hard things well when we do them together, to shout courage up and down the mountain, to soak in the beauty while taming the beast, to not give into our weaker selves but instead tap into our stronger self. This is why we climb. I hope this helps you understand our why. Have you found a why worth striving toward? Have you found a few to pull and push along? Have you found a few you want to grow old but not tired alongside? This is why we climb. We’ll be going back to France next year to celebrate some fresh entry’s into their 60’s. Wanna come along?

Live hard. Love harder…

1 thought on “Why we climb…

  1. I. Love. This. I love the visual and I love your Why, Chet. And I love how, by your DNA, BTL Awakens, Challenges and Transforms future Climbers who will do more. For more. For others.

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