Day 157: Plaque…

Friedman dropping wisdom bombs per usual.

Slow down, be with. That’s the melody line that’s popping off the page and what I’ve been embracing all day with my team at home.  And the nuance is, it is not unproductive to do so. 

Trust is being built, issues begin to become apparent, meaningful relationships are being established. It may even be fun!

This also empowers you to then pass the tension to where it belongs in the system to flush out the plaque.  It’s hard to know what to clean up if you are distant and not paying attention internally.

This has been the biggest challenge in the past 16 months for a lot of the workforce being quarantined.  Apparently being distant and isolated is here to stay for some and I can foresee unresolved conflict boiling over in systems in the months and years ahead as a result.

What culture do you want on your team? What is your vision for the relationships you want to maintain and enhance with your team? Who needs to be brought together, especially in an “unproductive” way?

Slow down, be with..

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