Day 156: Blockage…

Chet’s recent heart event hit me pretty hard, although I didn’t let that emotion shine through. My Dad lived in fear his entire adult life of suddenly dying from a heart event. His father died on the highway in that exact manner when he was 17, and his 5 brothers and sisters were left shell shocked. He always feared a similar event would happen to him. He eventually did have a couple heart issues but stints did the trick.  What ultimately took his life at the young age of 62 was far from a blockage: it was brain cancer.

Now I’m no doctor, but my hypothesis is that although the heart event was always a risk, especially with our genetic history, the ongoing stress of a potential event was the real killer.

If you take a step back and really analyze how much unnecessary tension we hold onto related to our health, relationships, work, life, team etc.. it’s no wonder we have so many mental and physical health issues as a species.

What’s the remedy for releasing tension in work and life?

Well, there are three that come to my mind this morning:

  1. Pass the tension where the tension belongs – This principle can be applied in all aspects of life but especially pertinent with our teams and relationships. One way to pass the tension when triangulated? Get your team in the room and do a round robin 7 good minutes. See what comes up. Get relentlessly curious, really talk and ensure that the tension is passed to those who need to flush it out until it is.
  • Productive action – worried about dying from a heart attack, cancer or some other predisposed genetic issue? The great news is through the advancement in modern medicine there are remarkable preventive health screenings that can inform how to reshape our lifestyle to combat these silent killers.  Release the tension by gathering facts. AND master the basics: move a lot, eat and drink what works for you, and prioritize sleep/recovery.
  • Let it go – A lot of your tension is held in the ego we discussed two days ago. The ego fights for survival and your attention like a relentless attacker.  It’s not necessary. Sit down and breathe for a few minutes and let the tension pass. The ego can’t hijack if your attention doesn’t let it.

What unnecessary tension are you holding? What can be done to free yourself from it?

1 thought on “Day 156: Blockage…

  1. MS…Concrete steps. Understand, contemplate, and ACT on this knowledge:
    The ego fights for survival and your attention like a relentless attacker. The ego fights for survival and your attention like a relentless attacker. The ego fights for survival and your attention like a relentless attacker. Yes. Mike Tyson style. But…all of us have the capacity to overcome…with time ‘training’ ‘in the gym’ ‘on the slops’ ‘in the mountains’ ‘on the bike’ ‘in the kitchen’ and most importantly…in our homes. The most important reason to engage and then disengage from the ego is for those you love. The people in your life you love the most will…thank you for fighting your ego…because one cannot fight an ego or even address an ego – if one doesn’t know it exists…AND MY EGO EXISTS. 1. Pass the tension – where it belongs. 2. PA. Facts. Plan. Look into. Read. Write. Do the things you know are healthy and good for you. 3. LET.IT.GO.

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