Leadership is, well, in a word – Influence. You are not a leader unless someone is following. You cannot lead another further than you’ve led yourself. The greatest leadership challenge is the challenge of leading self. We are our own worst enemy. The elite are hard on self, not down on self. CORE centered and self controlling is the modus operandi of the elite. Self centered and other controlling is where the world lives.

Peace is found on the other side of acute pain. Chronic pain is eradicated with more acute pain. BBTL is hard and only for the few. Becoming soft and slowly losing juice is the way of the settler. Victim hood is a superhighway. We cannot build new lanes fast enough as we are becoming, America – A Nation of Victims. Whatever happened to America – The home of the free? We forgot that freedom is far from free, huh.

Leaders are believers. You just read a few of my deeply held beliefs. There are many more. Fact. Leaders are connectors too. So, leader, are you crystal clear about your worldview. I mean how can the team connect to you if you’re unclear within…

Are you beginning to see why getting crystal clear on your beliefs is the alpha and omega of leadership? Are you beginning to believe your worldview is your matrix through which you make sense of this world? Are you believable? Are you becoming one, distinct and deeply connected? Are you giving the gift of freedom to those whose beliefs oppose your own? Are you creating oneness or silos? Are you BBTL? Who are your builders?

Live hard. Love harder…

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