Day 158: Thankful for fleas…

I never thought I would say these words out loud, but I am thankful for the crippling anxiety and panic attacks I had in my younger years.

How bad was it? There were days where I had 5-10 panic attacks in a single day.  Not good.

At the time, it felt like I was a prisoner of my own mind.  And in some ways, we are all a prisoner to the mind.  But I didn’t have that perspective at the time, I just wanted it to end. 

In hindsight, it was an internal alarm system telling me to wake the hell up.  The alarm was screaming your behaviors are killing you mentally, physically and emotionally.  

Anti-anxiety drugs were the band aid and there were plenty of other methods to mute the pain until they stopped working or the weekend ended.  Luckily, I found another path.

If I never went through that 7-year period of psychological tyranny by my own mind I would never be in the place I am today.  This is also why I credit BTL for saving my life because a life filled with a constant onslaught of anxious thoughts is not living, its surviving.

I know so many people suffer from this same mental anguish and part of my passion for this work is helping people escape this mental prison and creating a sustainable formula to eradicate it. 

Do you have anxiety? What is truly at the root of it? Do you have a sustainable solution for managing, or even better, permanently escaping your mental Alcatraz?

There is hope. And on the other side there is gratitude.

4 thoughts on “Day 158: Thankful for fleas…

  1. Keep writing Mr. Jiggs! You touched a lot of lives with this blog! Someone was impacted by your courage and will now take a step forward.

  2. MS…Years. YEARS. Lost. Alcohol. Opioids. YEARS. Years…lost…you were in “that place” – now you are not. I was in “that place” – now I am not.
    Now? WE are in this place.
    Together We Transform
    Thanks brother.

  3. Hits incredibly close to home. Love that you pushed through and found your purpose and happiness. I too strive to do the same.

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