Day 159: Twenty-seven to remember…

Model the way. A core principle of BTL and leadership of any kind.  Very hard to fake.

How to model the way? In my opinion, it starts with authentic love.

There is no jet fuel as strong as an authentic love for the mission, the team, and the work itself.  When studying the all-time greats in different fields, a melody line is an authentic love for their work and whom they are doing it with.

I have had the pleasure to meet Durp a few times and his energy is contagious.  I also bet if we asked anyone in his system who sets the bar at Choice, Durp would be top of the list.   

It seems to be very common for leaders these days to attempt to model someone else’s leadership style.  We can certainly learn bits and pieces from studying others but if we don’t make it our own and just merely mimic one of our idols, the facade will fade.  Our goal is to not build a character for you to play, it’s to build your authentic character, loving what you do, so living it is first and second nature.

How can you turn your authenticity up a notch? Where can you find more love in the work and team? How does your body language and tone change when you become more YOU?

Bonus content – the legacy of Steve Jobs has evolved in an interesting light since his passing.  But no-one could ever argue that he didn’t outwork everyone in the building and showed a love for his team in his own unique way. Check out this crazy story about him I came across today. Did anyone question the bar that Steve set? Hell no..

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