Clarity and charity…

Today, during another short and sweet team practice, I reminded a team of five. Remember, friend, most learning is remembering. Let that thought soak in for awhile, please…

Your fatigue is physiological and psychological- mostly the latter. Today, humanity is mostly drained, not by manual labor but instead by laboring in vain. Fact. You cannot have too much clarity around your purpose. Most have little to none. You, most likely, have some. Mastering the art of living requires 20/20 clarity and charity around your CORE purposes. The ancients, remember, used the word charity to describe an attitude of love and benevolence toward humankind. Yes, friends, it matters the fuel powering your purpose. Choose wisely. Fear fatigues. Love endures. More love is what the world needs now, right? Slow down and relook at your CORE and OPUS. Does your purpose ooze clarity and charity?

Live hard. Love harder…

1 thought on “Clarity and charity…

  1. I love this idea Chet. I am working to create my Rhino Catalyst CRASH mindset course. The C is for Certainty and Clarity. I may have to add Charity as well. Love is something that is in short supply in this day and age.

    Peace my friend.

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