Day 160: Let us run…

Where do I put my hope? I put it in the fact that we are truly all one.  The separation between us all is an illusion of the human form. We are all connected to the same source, that we all call different names.  This is not a lonely journey, it’s a collective one.

I believe that we are evolving in form and in spirit.  This knowledge and experience are compounding the whole forward.  I put hope in the fact that each day, each intentional baby step, is contributing to the greater good, even if the pain is very acute at the time.

I put my hope that we as a species are asking better questions each and every day. We are living in a golden age of exploration that will yield more clarity to these big questions than any previous generation of humans. What an incredible opportunity and responsibility!

This gives me the jet fuel to pursue my OPUS, so that I can contribute to this advancement of the whole.

This life is a marathon, not a sprint. It can also be a series of sprints that comprise a longer marathon. Both are okay. It’s all okay, just don’t forget who you truly are. Don’t let the ego take you off course.  Take time to relax, release the nonsense and enjoy the journey, because the journey never ends for what fuels us all.

How is what you are doing today, this very moment, aligned with your deepest held beliefs on why we are here?  What needs an alignment adjustment? Will that adjustment give you the jet fuel you are seeking?

Why not give it a try?

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