Day 161: Sweat the right stuff…

It’s so funny how the universe works.  I just left lunch with a rockstar client who just celebrated bringing their second child into the world one week ago today.  During our lunch together we discussed what’s most important to him as a co-owner of a rocket ship business, a family that just grew by a whole other human, a devoted husband, a people pleaser who has lots of people to please and keeping all other aspects of his life on the rails.

Unprompted, and before reading todays writing, he said it was time to get his core tighter, his OPUS clearer and wants to circle back to the beginning with revisiting discovery.  He wants to get more clarity on the big stuff and prioritize the right stuff.  He’s always ahead of the game, being the planner that he is.

Another client introduced me to the idea of channel capacity some time ago.  His interpretation of this research is that our brain cannot reasonably hold any more than 3 ideas, thoughts and tasks to manage at any given time. So, he has his rule of 3s: At night before he goes to bed, he writes out the 3 absolute most important things he must tackle tomorrow. It can be work, family, health, etc. but nothing comes in the way of attacking those 3 biggies.  It gives his subconscious time to process it overnight and hit the ground running the next morning. That’s one of his top Unified Strategies and it works magic for him.

How can you breakdown your day ahead into the three things that are really worth sweating for?  Do they align with your OPUS?

Life is short and long. But there is definitely no time to waste on the wrong stuff.

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