Hurting humans…

Yesterday, during another transforming team practice, I dropped a few more of my deeply held beliefs. I do this all the time. You. Do. Too.

A leader had been frustrated with the lack of response from his teammate. The teammate had been hurting and holding it in. He was hiding his hurt. So, when his leader gave him directions, he did not hear them. The leader assumed he didn’t give a shit. He did. He just didn’t know how to come clean about the mess in his head. One of his loved ones is dying and he was trying to soldier on. Instead of telling his leader about his acute pain, he remained silent.

Leaders are not mind readers, friend.

Mistakes were made by both parties. Division crept in. Oneness is freakin magic and so rare, isn’t it. So, during our team practice, both spoke truth. Connections re-established. We made progress toward the height of high performance – oneness.

Hurting humans do not hear well. And, most humans are hurting most of the time. This is one of my deeply held beliefs forged through the joy and hardship of this work. It’s hard to help hurting humans when they’re hiding. It’s hard to trust leaders that don’t seem to listen. It takes two to create the conditions for becoming one. And, both are hurting humans. Funny, huh.

Live hard. Love harder…

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