Day 162: Peace…

What a day.  Today was filled with many I love facing their chronic pain by actively choosing the acute variety in making progress toward a new normal.

This morning, one our band mates shared some heart wrenching chronic pain he’s been facing for years. He stepped into the squared circle that is our Friday morning session and faced it head on.  I only hope he gained a little clarity on what acute pain he can baby step into to start the healing of the chronic pain.

My afternoon was spent with a good friend who is making the decision to bring in hospice for his wife whose been dealing with chronic cancer for 8 years.  Heart wrenching and they still have hope.

This evening we went to Laurens Uncles funeral.  He also lived with chronic cancer and fought one hell of a battle.  Everyone there was facing the inevitable acute pain of saying goodbye.  Tears and laughter were shared.  Healing and eventually peace is on the other side.

It would be easy to run the other way on a day like this. In the past days like this would have crushed me. Although I’m exhausted, I’m so grateful for how I’ve spent every minute of today, primarily being a supporter to others attacking their acute pain head on.

Choosing acute pain to alleviate chronic pain has changed my life. And what a blessing it is to support others in helping them in the process of choosing the same. 

Is there someone in your life going through some chronic pain? How can you support them taking an acute baby step out of it?

Much love to you all.  Let us all find peace on the other side of the acute.

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