Day 163: Golf and gratitude…

Becoming Built to Lead would be an incomplete book without at least one day reflecting on the beautiful game of golf.  A sport almost anyone can play, enjoy and learn from.  It tests you mentally and physically and builds relationships that last a lifetime.

Chester and I have had an epic series of matches together that has me giggling this morning. After a couple rounds of back and forth, one day we tied with a pair of 75s at the Village, which I still think is one of the best rounds of golf I’ve ever played.  We both were smiling ear to ear, couldn’t have picked a better outcome to take our series to 1-1-1.  The tie has since been broken and Chester has some ground to make up in our lifetime series.

I will also never forget the time Chester accidentally bladed a wedge shot out of the trap and hit his son in the head with the BTL ball as he was walking by the pin. He went down hard, as did the ball. Luckily, he iced it down and shook it off.  Chester didn’t know what to do in the moment except comment that he couldn’t believe where his ball ended up 4 feet from the pin (as opposed to out of bounds if it had not struck a skull).  He tapped his putt in for par as Tay was tending to his brother.  Chet always finds a way of finding humor in life’s challenging moments.

I will also never forget the time that I witnessed Miss’s dad come out for his 99th birthday and started chipping around the practice green and draining putts like a champ.  I believe that was the same day I decided that I was going to join the band on the 14th hole.  What a day that was..

We have had some good memories Chet, I’m grateful for every one of them.  Oh, and the little Beckster is already in training. He may be beating us both before too long.

Its Saturday and I hope you all fill yourself with something outdoors with a loved one, filled with gratitude.

2 thoughts on “Day 163: Golf and gratitude…

  1. MS…Boom. Beautiful. Two of my favorite books ever written just happen to be centered around golf. They also happen to be written by two of my best friends – Steven Pressfield and Printer Bowler. The Legend of Bagger Vance and The Cosmic Laws of Golf…Steve is still with us – Printer has moved on to play the ‘eternal round’…seems to me like you guys are living the very essence of the books – both of them.
    Love you brother.
    Together We Transform
    PS Best looking little dude – EVER.

  2. Love Baby Beck’s energy and presence so much! He is such a great blessing to his momma and daddy, and will be to the rest of the world in the future :). Our world will be in good hands!

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