Day 164: Mentally strong…

I woke up this morning in a bad place.  I was emotionally hurting and slightly depressed.  Good news is I have been here before and have built out a playbook for moments like this. It’s my top unified strategy that I come back to every day, especially days like today.

Highest order first. That’s my habit I constantly strive to achieve every day.  Prioritize my mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and relational health above all else, starting at home.

Today some repair needed to be done.  My meditation practice prepared me for that.  My 45 minutes in the 3P attic (my home gym) stabilized the system later on.  Slowing down and being with filled the rest of the day and what a win it has been.  About as much of 180 degree turn that you could make from just 12 hours ago.

Today I’m celebrating the small win of turning back to my core and top unified strategy that guides me.

What’s your win today?  Big or small, let’s celebrate it.

1 thought on “Day 164: Mentally strong…

  1. Woke up in a similar place yesterday – and did the same – read, pray, breathe, move. Flying solo with the kids, so got that done right away knowing they needed me to set the course. Then turned it into an epic day of fishing, wading in the river looking for crayfish, swimming at grandma and grandpas and grilling hotdogs. Kids could barely keep their eyes open last night. We talked about gratitude as we drifted off and all slept well. Thank you for sharing this, and so far this month. It’s helped solidify where I need to go. Much appreciated.

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