Today, I rushed to judge another human during BTL team practice. I do this every, single day. We, the BTL Builders, are paid to be decisive in the moment and speak truth in love. This does not mean we are always right. Today, I was dead wrong. Good…

So, after hearing the teammates response to my challenge and his fellow teammates coming to his defense, I swallowed my pride and admitted my mistake. I had called bullshit. He answered my call with good shit. He and his teammate are figuring it out and it made me smile. You see, friend, it’s not a problem when you admit you’re wrong. It’s only a problem when you aren’t willing to fight for right in the first place. My challenge was to a strong teammate who I care about building better. Turned out my initial judgement was wrong. So, all that was required in this MOT was to stand corrected. I did.

Your problem, leader, is you’re too worried about always being right. Fight for right. Course correct quickly when you’re wrong. There are no perfect humans. There are an abundance of leaders, however, who take too long deciding much of anything and fight to prove a point instead of fighting to improve performance. Are you building a strong CORE and coupling it with deep humility? Are you becoming BTL? Are you calling bullshit when you smell it? Are you correcting faulty thinking? Are you changing your mind when another answers your challenge with a lawyers argument? Slow down and sit with this thought for a while, friend. Slow down.

Live hard. Love harder…

Remember, every dog has her day. Don’t be afraid to admit when you’re wrong. You can be wrong, remember. You just can’t be unclear. And, don’t be too arrogant to repair. Leaders are masters at repair. Good…

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