Day 165: My labeling of me…

Well ladies and gentlemen, it is the start of a NEW essential: Build your knowledge of self.  After reflecting on today’s writing, I can’t think of a better time to share the origin of the name Jiggles.

About 5 years ago when I was starting to really eat up BTL practice, there was quite the movement taking over the country: Pokémon Go.  Well one day after a workout I was craving some Mediterranean food, like any Blue Zone chaser does, and as I was cashing out a rarely frequented Grandview OH restaurant called Mazah.  Seconds later, the cashier freaked out and said, “OMG you have a Jigglypuff on you!”. 

What the hell?! Where is this thing?!

Well turns out, augmented reality had placed a Jigglypuff right in the palm of my hand (picture attached). The cashier wanted the whole world to know they are now a Pokémon Go hot spot and asked if she could snap a photo of me and the Jigglypuff to post on their website.  I was quite sweaty at the time not looking my best, but I figured any press is good press and obliged.

I forgot all about it until 48 hours later, when a fellow Kdev team member Brian decided he was also craving some blue zone cuisine and went over to the Mazah website and there I was. Top of the fold holding the Jigglypuff. He sends a note to everyone and the mother asking what is happening. Next thing I know Chester is almost keeled over his chair laughing as he had finally found the perfect nickname for me: Jiggles.

Now does Jiggles define me?  Of course not. Does it reflect a portion of my identity? Absolutely.  I’m a natural born salesman with extremely extroverted tendencies and love to laugh and giggle as much as possible.  I can also be curious George, serious Nancy and many other parts of my identity that are too long to list here.

The names people call you will define you IF you don’t know you. At the time, I was told I was told Jiggs is the perfect reflection of who I am. Several others said that was a horrible nickname and didn’t reflect me at all. 5 years later no matter what people say I am, I have a lot more clarity of who I truly am.

Do you? I’m going to rinse my I am’s today just to be sure. I encourage you do to the same.

1 thought on “Day 165: My labeling of me…

  1. I hate to admit this but I did not know how you got that nickname and as your Partner this is critical information I should have known! You have brought so much energy and spirit to our team…..AND now another dimension,,,,,,A NEW DAD!!

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