Day 166: Match…

I have a strong worldview that life should be a consistent series of short to middle term experiments with limited downside until you find your match.  Then when you have deep conviction around something that’s a match for you, model the great investors and put your money where your match is.

The greatest returns in life don’t come from diversification. They come from finding asymmetric returns (unlimited upside, capped downside) of your best ideas. 

Your best ideas often take many experiments after iterations to find. But you will without a doubt know when you do.

Lauren and I put all our chips in each other, and the payoffs are Beck and a shared OPUS that we couldn’t have imagined 5 years ago.  I experimented my way through a variety of professional endeavors until I found my latest iteration of activating people and ideas through the BTL framework and strategic for-profit and social impact investing.  I’m putting all my chips in these two buckets (and my golf game..).

I try to enable my clients do the same and once they find their match, aka OPUS, and encourage them to throw their weight behind it and go all in.  Once we find your match, we can turn your volume up to 11 in the most authentic way possible and let the magic happen.

Where do you need to experiment more? Or better yet, where do you need to put more of your chips (time, money, energy) to work?  Let’s find your match and go all in.

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