Day 167: Pass the tension

I was with a client this morning who is trying to break a habit of half stepping. What is half stepping? Not putting your full weight behind a deep insight and conviction for where he and his team must go.

Why do humans half step?

Holding tension of others is part of the answer. As leaders, we become enmeshed with the stakeholders of whatever we are leading and often feel the weight of others fears, insecurities and doubts. To make it worse, we start to spin up stories of how our stakeholders will react to the decisions we must make.

What’s the process to step out of that?

Well, I believe it starts with a pure insight. Not one that’s informed by the ego and opinion of others, but one from a much deeper place. Then you must build a deep conviction of where we must go with that insight and if you truly believe it’s the right path to follow, fully step into it with your entire mind, body, and soul.

My client unpacked that he has a 9 out of 10 hit rate when he follows this formula that has led to exponential results in his life. 90%!!

Stop letting the tension of others hold you back.  Find a process that unlocks insights, builds belief, and then fully step into.

Where are you half stepping in work and life? Trust your insights and go further than what your mind is telling you to fear.

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