Day 168: Attention is attractive…

Slow down, be with.  Easy to say, hard to do.

Our attention is our most valuable asset, which is why everything in our life is fighting for it.  As a small example, think deeply about the companies, apps, and products you consume the most.  Are they also where you spend a material amount of your attention? Yep.

So why don’t we give more attention to our teams?  This is a deep question, but I believe that it comes back to an energy management problem.  As we discussed yesterday, one aspect is that we hold a lot of tension of our teams and when the tension is high and in dissonance with how we want to spend our time/energy, the easy way out is to turn away towards the easy dopamine hit. 

My thought for today is how can make the time with our teams the most energizing part of our week as opposed to the most draining?  Integrate a love to, get out of the office/zoom and connect on a walk, commit to an intentional offsite for a half day or two.  The masks will drop, quality conversation will bubble up and meaningful relationships will be built.

What is your PA to bring your team together? Throw it on the calendar and let’s have some fun with it.

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