Day 169: Awake and oriented times four…

How can you measure ones awakeness? How do you measure your orientation, or alignment? How do you stoke it to a 4x level?

I just got home from an 8-hour round tripper up to Detroit to be with a team that is becoming awake and on fire.  We started by reorienting this team of 11, that will grow 4x in humans before we know it, to the North Star that guides us, the OPUS.  We then became more awake to our gains and our gaps.  It was clear that we are becoming a team that can wake another teammate up when they go off course with some hard truth.  We are building awareness, trust and a shared vision that will propel this team to heights they can’t even imagine just yet.   The energy is undeniable, just as the leader envisioned.

I’m not sure we are at the 4x level today but we definitely leveled up this afternoon and have PAs to close our gaps to take it up another notch.

The scorecard for how we are measuring the awakeness, orientation and stoke level (i.e. 4x) of this team is evolving and its clear we are making progress.  My goal for this team is beyond 4x. We are just getting started.

Where are you on your own scale of awakeness? Are you clear and oriented toward your North Star?  Is your team as excited as you are to be on the journey? Either way, let’s get to work.

As for me, I got home just in time for a 10-minute laughing fest with the Beckster and to tuck him into bed. That awoke my soul 10x on this Friday night.

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