Day 170: Learning…

This week a client and I circled back to some discovery work to go a layer or twenty deeper. We picked Question 17 at random that turned into 90 minutes of pure magic.

What is question 17 in discovery? “What are your “internal questions” that you constantly ask yourself and how do they shape your decisions, actions, relationships and results?”

Want to know thyself? Spend some time observing the questions you are constantly berating yourself with.  Truly consider how much these questions have influence over you.

As these questions become clear, go a layer deeper and observe how those questions make you feel.  Do these questions motivate you? Frustrate you? Make you angry? Jealous? Excited?

Whatever they may be, you will know yourself better through this exercise. Take the power back from these internal questions.  Observe them, understand how they control you and act more in alignment with this gained clarity. Maybe these questions will change for the better as a result.

The pros are always practicing the basics. How can you circle back to the basics of this work to level up?

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