Life is an energy management problem. It is yours and mine to solve, right? Building your CORE involves six elements: Worldview, Identities, Principles, Passions, Purposes, and process. Let’s unpack passions a bit more. Your love to’s are your energizer bunny. Write them out, hundreds of them. Live them out. Daily. The more love the more juice. Problem solved. Not really…

Here’s the rest of the story. Mastering the art of living involves doing stuff you don’t love much less like. Mastery requires learning and lots of learning is real, hard, labor. I do not love core work. It hurts. This morning six old dudes did a bunch of hard labor in the 3PP. Toward the end of this torture fest, I asked PJ what sounded horrible to do next. He said, without thinking, “army crawls.” So, for the next sixty seconds we did just that. Blondie swore at him. Kevin wanted to quit. We kept going. After twenty seconds of rest, I told the team of six we were doing Jimmygants (more army crawls). None of us liked it. It was good for all of us. We are learning to do hard things we don’t like so we can do all kinds of things we do. Simple, not easy…

Live is an energy management problem. Stop running from doing the right, hard things. You cannot do whatever you like all the time, right? What are you learning to turn from a loathe into a love? Are you remembering to just do it, anyway?

Live hard. Love harder…

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