Doc Scott modeled the way for me for 37 years. He was the kindest man I’ve ever known. He wasn’t much of a businessman and not very handy with a hammer either. He was a loving husband, father, and doc. He loved his work and his patients felt it every time he made a house call and didn’t charge them. He wasn’t confident. He was more competent than he gave himself credit. He oozed caring. He was patient, especially so with me. He didn’t hold a grudge against those who wronged him in work or life. He had a deep faith in God and believed all would one day be made right, so let it go. He loved sports, especially golf and tennis. He taught me to love sports too…

Nick Cannell modeled the way for me for 40 years. He was the most generous man I’ve ever known. He was a great businessman and master investor. He loved making pies that rivaled homemade ones. He was a perfectionist and did not suffer fools easily. He was demanding and a tough boss. He was loyal. He loved food, especially Missi’s. He let me tease him incessantly and laughed at my jokes and silly antics. He loved golf and kept score every time. He didn’t trust others easily. He loved listening to me speak of our work at BTL and was always encouraging me, even when he didn’t understand what the heck we were doing. He taught me to be more demanding of myself.

Yesterday, I went out to MVGC and hit a few balls by myself as evening approached. I hadn’t hit a golf ball in over a year with Covid and the course closed for renovation. I too love golf even though I don’t play it much these days. There wasn’t another soul on the driving range last night and I talked out loud (Thank God nobody was around) to both my earthly fathers. I thanked them for everything I’ve become. I thanked them individually and collectively in between shot after shot. It was a sacred few moments alone with them. My mind raced back to last August on this same piece of turf holding Nick up so he could hit some golf balls, one last time. What a blessing to have such fathers. Lastly, I looked upward and thanked God for these men He gave to guide me. I asked Him for help in passing it along. I still need lots of help, you know, even though my Fathers are gone.

Live hard. Love harder…

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