Day 171: Stronger…

I remember the first time I took strengths finders and it spit out a term that resonated perfectly with how I wanted to spend my life: activator.

I had never heard this term before but it now anchors my OPUS and is the strength I lean into above any other.  

Activating people and ideas lies at the confluence of my passion and skill set and as I focus on mastering it thoughtfully, I hope it will bring a lot of value to the world.  But I am a system of 1 so it’s easier for me to execute on that idea.

Not every leader currently has the luxury of leaning into their confluence with everything they have to give.  It takes time and intentional effort to set up your system to be able to do so.  But as your team evolves as must you, which includes playing your best hand every single day.  You are not maximizing how you can serve your stakeholders by settling for anything less. 

Baby step towards setting up your system to delegate the mediocre strengths and lean into your confluence. 

What exactly is at the confluence of your passion and skill set that will maximize your ability to make an impact on the world?  How can you lean into it further and drop something that you are unnecessarily holding on to? 

PS Happy Father’s Day to all those fathers out there! I hope you are playing to your strengths at home, your kids need it. 

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