Day 172: Messi strong…

It’s Monday morning. A fresh week to win. Or is it?

Look at your calendar for the next 7 days.  Look at everything you and others put on your plate for the week ahead.

Take a minute and analyze, how many of these meetings/activities/to-do items are playing to your version of Messi’s left foot?  Are you positioned well to serve your team, clients, family, stakeholders etc… by consistently playing your best hand?

If not, ask yourself why. Ask yourself what can change for this week and change it. Write about how we can better set up our weeks in the future to play to our 10x strength as much as possible.

Your energy will change, your results will change, and you will rise the tides of all ships in your circle as a result.

Let’s get to work and win the week, 10X style.

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