Nothing worth possessing has ever been given (Grace, of course, is the exception). Life is difficult. The good life is not bon bon’s and learning to lay down. We are meant to do hard things well, remember. We are meant to do them together. So, this morning at 6:23 a team of nine athletes gave each other courage on my driveway. We lifted heavy balls for forever (Regina led us), did Brinley’s (fast squats led by Brinley, of course), lifted bells overhead (Grande Gato led), and did push ups until we broke (Farmer led).

We laughed and lingered afterward as time allowed. The athletes traveled thirty minutes to suffer with us. Kevin came over forty. PJ cycled over twenty minutes to get here. Blondie ran two miles. I rolled out of bed…

Who are you surrounding yourself with? You are only as strong as your inner circle. You choose. Your choices have consequences. Remember God’s challenge to Jeremiah way back in the day found in Jeremiah 12:5 – “If you have raced with men on foot and they have worn you out, how can you compete with horses?”

Compete today. Make yourself do what you can. Grab your friends and give each other courage to win the day. Start early and get after something worth laboring toward – not in vain, mind you. Laboring in love. Yeah, baby. You and I were meant to labor in love. Hard labor you disdain as you tire. Hard opus you sustain as you perspire. Good opus this morning 3PP team. Keep working. You, friend, are meant to run with horses.

Live hard. Love harder…

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