Day 175: Be with and be the man…

I just finished up a nine hour offsite being with a team that’s led by a leader who embodies the definition of one who can be with and be the man.  

He listens with an open mind and heart in a way I have rarely seen in rooms such as this. He empowers his team to grow into their roles and challenges them when they need to be.  Hard truth is shared for their growth and the opportunities they want to provide to their 175 teammates. 

They share openly with him and trust him to be the man, sometimes too much. He shared today that he often makes decisions that he believes is beyond his own competency but continues to lead and make the tough decisions anyway. 

If those decisions are right, he credits the team. If those decisions are wrong, he takes accountability and bears the burden. 

I have known this leader for the better part of a decade and this has not always been the case.  He has been through his own version of his builders journey but he has done the work and is doing the work in front of his team and with his team.  In fact, this whole system is designed to support those who are ready to transform themselves, many of which who have been given the blessing of a 2nd, 3rd or 4th chance on life.

I love being with this team and seeing the power of truly being with and not being afraid to step into being the man.

Be with, seek the truth, and then be the man.

Which side of the fence see you need to spend more time on? Being with? Or being the man?

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