My favorite team practice…

Is our own.

Today we built into Slippage, over confident Centerfield, WhatcanBROWNdoforyou, TScott, and TLC (The Love Cat). They are all worthy targets. My favorite learning from today’s practice was around handling something all humans experience eventually – Betrayal.

You will betray and be betrayed. Fact. Nobody is coming to save you, either (Thanks, Keep). Nobody on this physical planet certainly. So what is the BTL way forward when betrayed? Let me practice being ccd, baby. Here it is. Do not miss. This could be huge…

Own it. (Yes, no matter what it is, you’ve got ownership in it)

Forgive it. (Yourself and others. Sometimes lots of others, right)

Release it. (Stop chewing the cud. Get out of your damn head)

Get on with it. (Strong CORE. Clear OPUS. PoP)

Own it. Forgive it. Release it. Get on with it. You are not meant to stay down and wallow in your fail. You are meant to get up, own it, dust it off, and get on with it. You are not a mistake so why would you live an apology? You are the creation of a loving God who made you for good. Our journey is meant to reveal our true selves so we can contribute from a healed heart whatever purpose He put in it to begin with. The process of becoming who you are, friend, is becoming who you’ve always been. Most learning is remembering, right. I could go on. I’ll stop, ‘cause we’re good, right?

Own it. Forgive it. Release it. Get on with it. Live hard. Love harder…

1 thought on “My favorite team practice…

  1. Yes. Pure energy…there are places where…you can be truthful…to yourself – and others. “Band” practice? PRICELESS….More positive reps, cut-away bullshit, WTF! Where’s The Faith?!!? PRICELESS – again.
    Obstacle = Opportunity
    Forgive – Always.
    Purpose vs Passion – know the difference.
    My ‘ark’ is stronger today than yesterday.
    I belong. You belong. We belong.

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