Day 176: Intuition…

What is the melody line of building intuition?  Reps. 

Chester outlined a Mothers reps.

How did BK build his? Driving the streets, speaking with people from all walks of life, studying micro and macro trends, testing and iterating for 20 years and voila Gravity sprouts. Reps.

How has Tom Brady become one of the greatest playoff QBs to ever live? Reps.

What do these 3 also have in common? Obsession over their craft and a love of the game. 

I obviously am a believer in our study, learn and apply framework as much as anyone.  And I believe the best feedback is from the work itself.

Study hard AND keep playing the game. The biggest wins in life will come from a compounding effect of the reps over a long period of time. 

Study, learn, apply AND the game.

1 thought on “Day 176: Intuition…

  1. Not often I get put in the company of Chester Scott and that Brady guy… good work Schotter, keep it up, I’m enjoying the blogging!

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